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When KC Chiefs Players Are Trying To Do Too Much


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel has been using words like "pressing" when talking about the team's problems in the first two games of the year. Crennel says that some of the Chiefs players are trying to do too much to help the team and forgetting that they're supposed to be doing their job.

Crennel was on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday afternoon and talked about the players trusting each other. Trust that the guy next to you will do his job which means if you do your job the team should be successful. It's that trust factor that could be missing.

Speaking to the KC media on Monday, Crennel offered up an example of a player trying to do too much.

"I have run support," Crennel said as an example, via comments sent out by the Chiefs. "I'm the force guy on the edge. I'm getting blocked, and I peak inside to see the run and just what's happening. The ball breaks outside and it gets outside of me.

"My responsibility is to make the play on the outside and not let the ball get outside, and I've peaked inside to see where the ball is. So, now that's just a matter of discipline, but it turns into another play because it gets outside of the defense.

"If I stay outside and force the ballback inside, now then it's on somebody else and not on me. But in trying to make a play, I peak inside because I want to make the play, but then the ball goes outside."

If those are the types of problems the Chiefs are having then I feel a little beter that they can get it fixed. A little. This seems like technique issues.

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