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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 9/18


Good morning! Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Rants, Blame, and Saints (who also suck) are ahead. Enjoy.

The Chiefs Kingdom Apocalypse is in its third day now, and the takeaway isn't that there are so many fans screaming their panic and anger - it's that there are so few fans preaching hope and patience.

It's not that so many fans are frustrated with their team - it's that seemingly so few are giving that team the benefit of the doubt.

In this, the Chiefs must face something much worse than losing two football games. They must confront the question of whether they've lost their fans' trust.

Disastrous Start Exposes Disconnect Between Chiefs Leaders, Fans from KC Star

The Chiefs allowed 35 or more points in each of their two games, so their defensive problems obviously run deep. But Romeo Crennel said the team's troubles don't rest with coaching and, specifically, his dual role as head coach and coordinator.

Crennel was emphatic on that point at his news conference on Monday.

Crennel Says Players aren't Carrying Out Plan from KC Star Video: From The Podium: Romeo Crennel (9/17)

FESCOE: Where is your confidence level with Matt Cassel?

CRENNEL: "We don't like turnovers at all. We had two of them during the course of the game. I think Matt could have held onto the ball. He should have put two hands on the ball because he felt the pressure. He had it in his right hand and then shifted it to his left hand to try to get away from the pressure, but he didn't tuck it into his body. Then the guy came around and hit it and the ball came out. He should have had both hands on the ball to secure the football and not created a turnover at that point. Other than that turnover, Matt delivered the ball to the receivers and made some plays. We were able to get us into some of the correct plays that we wanted to be in at the line of scrimmage. If you take that turnover away, then he didn't have a bad game."

Q&A With Romeo Crennel - 9/17 from The Mothership


Q: Are you worried about being 0-2, heading into New Orleans?

JOHNSON: "It's more of a sense of urgency right now to win. Kind of like last year, you get down 0-2, and you don't want to start pressing because when you press, trying to make things happen, you tend to mess up at times. Somehow we're going to have to press a little bit, but get a win. We have to win. We have to get one win this week. That's the plan, go down to New Orleans and get a win. It's going to be hard, but this is the NFL."

Chiefs Player Quotes - 9/17 from The Mothership

Running back Jamaal Charles didn't play much in the second half of Sunday's loss in Buffalo because of soreness in his knee, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said.

Crennel said Charles was likely to be available in this Sunday's game against the Saints in New Orleans.

Crennel Says Chiefs' Charles Reinjured Left Knee from KC Star

The running game has disappeared. Matt Cassel looks completely lost. The defense has struggled to stop anybody, and even the special teams are looking anything but special.

The Kansas City Chiefs are winless through two games - two demoralizing, one-sided losses to begin the year - and now visit the Saints to start off a brutal stretch that should decide whether the season is still salvageable.

After 2 Demoralizing Losses, Chiefs Searching For Direction With Trip To New Orleans On Tap from The Associated Press via The Washington Post

Biggest area to fix: Overall defensive effort. Allowing 75 points in two games is atrocious. Yes, the Chiefs are not at full strength, but there is too much talent on this defense for this to be happening. Head coach Romeo Crennel is his own defensive coordinator. He has to improve immediately.

Moving On: Kansas City Chiefs from ESPN

It's safe to say the honeymoon is over for Scott Pioli in Kansas City. The city's two major sports columnists have these headlines leading their articles on Monday:

*Chiefs will never win big with Pioli in charge.

*Hunt needs to make major changes to fix this Chiefs mess.

Kent Babb absolutely eviscerates Pioli in an-almost personal attack that feels like a settling of old scores.

Scott Pioli Under Fire For Slow Kansas City Chiefs Start from

Todd Haley's week got off to a great start. The Steelers' offensive coordinator saw his team impose its will on the Jetson Sunday. Then on Monday morning, the Kansas City Star unloaded on Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, the man who fired Haley midway through the 2011 season. (And it wasn't your garden-variety canning; there were alsoNixonian accusations of wire-tapping and paranoia.)

But after the Chiefs' latest humiliating loss, this time at the hands of a Bills team that gave up 48 points to the Jets in Week 1, both the Star's Kent Babb and Sam Mellinger spent many words destroying Pioli.

Kansas City Media Puts Chiefs GM Scott Pioli In Crosshairs from CBS Sports

Sunday's 35-17 loss to the Bills left some egg on this face (even if leaving the Saints out of the playoffs feels better at this hour) and it left the Chiefs with 68 points allowed through the first two weeks of the season. Even the most optimistic Chiefs supporters have to admit that they don't have the offense to win games if their defense is getting gashed like that on a regular basis.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star is convinced they aren't going to win much at all as long as Scott Pioli is the General Manager.

An 0-2 Start Has The Knives Out For Scott Pioli In K.C. from ProFootballTalk

My thoughts? Crennel is a proven defensive coach. He didn't forget how to coach defense. The Chiefs' defensive woes are not all on him. But it is on him to correct it.

Romeo Crennel Will Continue Double Duty from ESPN

The Chiefs, lest we forget, were 0-3 last season and a total mess. And yet by some strange fortune and some improved play, they almost stole the division, finishing a game out. The expectations were elevated this season in what appeared to be a wide-open AFC West race. That same thing could happen in this volatile division this year. But the Chiefs were supposed to be beyond this type of chaotic play under Crennel.

AFC West Spin Cycle: Week Two from ProFootballWeekly

There is no question that the New Orleans Saints 0-2 start has everyone around here asking questions, giving their own reason to the team's play and suggesting what can be done to save the season.

Let me start by saying all is not lost. Yes, the two games played were not the best in recent memory. Sunday's game in the dome against Kansas City is no doubt bigger than anyone would have guessed for a Week 3 game. At the Saints training facility, the team is taking the winless start very seriously.

"A Great Sense Of Urgency" Being Felt By The Saints from

I just noticed I'm using the word "worst" a lot in this column.

Anyway, the Chiefs have the worst (there it is again) scoring defense in the league after two weeks, allowing an average of 37.5 points.

Actually, that's not the worst. It's tied for worst. The New Orleans Saints, Kansas City's opponent Sunday at the Superdome, are also giving up 37.5 points per game. But New Orleans doesn't have a head coach.

The question is: Does Kansas City?

Chiefs Don't Deserve Your Patience from The Wichita Eagle

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