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They Should Make Prisoners Watch The Chiefs: A Meltdown


610 Sports' Bob Fescoe started his morning off with a complete and utter meltdown following the Kansas City Chiefs loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Here's the audio of the meltdown.

I transcribed the whole thing below.

Does this describe how you feel?

"Wh'o's fault is it? To me the players have to play. You've got to go out there and play football and for eight quarters this season those guys have not gone out there and played football Not one of them. They have not gone out there and 100 percent played football and it's quoted by Jamaal Charles. 'We just didn't come out and play'. Why not? Why didn't you come out and play?

"To me that's on you, as a player. Stop embarrassing yourself. You're embarrassing your mother, you're embarrassing your father and you're embarrassing the city. You're embarrassing your wife and your children. And your dog, too -- and your cat, too! Binkley's cat is embarrassed by the way you play!

"You're an embarrassing train wreck to the 2.5 million people that call this metro area home. You've let down all the old ladies that are on life support rooting for you, trying to pull out another day. You give people nothing to live for. You suck.

"That's what you are right now. You're an embarrassing, sucking train wreck of a football team from top to bottom but the onus to me this week is on the players.

"Get your ass out there and play like a man! Play like you mean it! Play like you care! I have more passion at 6:18 this morning you have for eight freakin' quarters. Every one of you sucks.

"And we're tired of paying for tickets, parking and hot dogs and wasted freaking Sunday afternoons watching you play because you're not playing yard, you're not playing like you care and you're not playing like you want to be there. And you know what, fans are going to stop coming because fans are not going to support your crap. We're done!

"What the hell has this city done to deserve to be treated like complete and total crap by both sports teams? Both teams in this town make no effort for their fans at all! We're done! You guys all suck! Every professional athlete in this town blows right now! Perform like you care! Perform like you want to be part of a professional team!

"Don't go out there and run around for 60 minutes and say, "Well, we just didn't play today, hats off to them. It's a long season. It's not a marathon but a sprint." No! Admit you suck! Admit you have no idea what's going on. Admit that you have no idea that you care. Just come out and tell us!

"It was a nice Sunday yesterday. I could've gone pumpkin picking. I could've had donuts down in Louisburg and cider. But no I watched your sorry ass play! All of us watched your sorry ass play while we could've been down in Louisburg enjoying cider and donuts. No more! Why should we invest our Sundays, one of our two days a week off, to watch your complete trash? Nobody should have to watch that.

"They should make prisoners watch the Chiefs. That should be punishment. That! You wanna talk about torturing people. The Chiefs are torturing the city right now! You're torturing us. We're tired of it! We're tired of the losing, all the excuses, we're tired of "It's a process", we're tired of it's gonna get better.

"Win games! Now! Win games! Win football games, perform like you want to play!

"People are done. We're done with you guys and the owner needs to come out today and say they're not going to stand for it because people don't like the owner. Clark Hunt needs to release a statement or come out somewhere and say something that he's not going to tolerate it because if he continues to sit down there in Dallas they're going to think the owner doesn't care. People already think the owner doesn't care about this football!. If you sit back in Dallas and don't say a word people are going to think it even more.

"The Chiefs fans deserve better. Deserve better than what this is. Deserve much better. We deserve better. We deserve it better from top to bottom. We deserve a better organization in this town! I'm tired of seeing fans in this town be dumped on, crapped on and pooped on because that's what it's been for the first two weeks of this season. An ultimate screw job by the fans! There's been no effort, no heart and no desire. I can handle bad football players but I can't handle people with no heart, no desire and no effort because that's where the Chiefs are right now."

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