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What's The Kansas City Chiefs Excuse Now?


One of the downsides of my job is that I'm actually a Kansas City Chiefs fan so when the team loses I can't escape it. I can't get away from the suckitude that was Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills.

I'm depressed, just like everyone else.

This feels so, so similar to last year, the season we all wanted to forget. The Chiefs were blown out in their first two games last year and the whole team looked lost. There were injuries. The coach and GM weren't getting along. The quarterback didin't look good.

A lot went wrong.

The thing is, though, we could easily explain all that away. The team can't win without Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry, right? The Chiefs were in year three of the new regime so these things happen, we thought.

So what is the excuse now?

With over 4,600 votes in our poll, 34 percent say the problem is the coaching, 12 percent say the players, 3 percent say the opponents are that much better and 51 percent say it's a combination of all three of those things.

The one sliver of hope that I see is that the Chiefs rebounded from this last year. No, they didn't make the playoffs but the season was still alive as late as Week 16. There are few things worse than knowing your team is out of it by the end of September. The Chiefs can't let that happen.

The Chiefs can come back from this. Heck, they might just do that and beat the Saints next week.

But right now I'm out of excuses and that sucks.

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