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Bills Player: Chiefs Were 'Taking Cheap Shots At Us'


The Buffalo Bills are calling the Kansas City Chiefs cheap. But for once this isn't about the salary cap.

The Bills dominated the KC Chiefs on Sunday, 35-17, and Buffalo offensive lineman Eric Wood said after the game that the Chiefs were playing dirty.

"Two plays in a row they're taking cheap shots at us," said Wood. "They did the same thing last year in Kansas City. You start getting a team down, you'll see their true colors. And the last two years, we're not just gonna sit back and take it. We got a pretty physical group up front, and if they wanna take shots at us, were gonna take them back at them."

I'm not sure which plays he's talking about but it's not a stretch to think the Chiefs were frustrated with their performance considering this was supposed to be a tight game.

Wood did mention one particular play, according to the Bills website.

One play in particular late came at the end of a 20-yard C.J. Spiller run in the second half, where he was slammed to the turf by a Chiefs' linebacker. Buffalo's linemen stepped in quickly and made sure the message was sent that they're not going to let an opponent manhandle their feature back.

Maybe I can see how the play was a little cheap, but not enough to get upset about (unless it wasn't the first cheap play, which Wood suggests it wasn't).


Spiller took a carry to the left side for 20 yards and was met be Abe Elam, who began to take him down.


Elam took him down to the ground, perhaps with a little extra at the end.


The Bills didn't like that and let the Chiefs know about it.

Can this day get any worse? Ugh.

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