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KC Star Goes All In On Chiefs GM Scott Pioli


If you're wondering how people feel after the KC Chiefs lost to the Buffalo Bills then look to the Kansas City Star where Kent Babb and Sam Mellinger (but especially Babb) go all in on Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli.

A snippet from Babb, who writes that the Chiefs will never win big with Pioli at the helm:

Yes, this game and this season are on Pioli, and there's no denying that anymore. And there's no more denying another truth, whether you're ready to read it or not: The Chiefs will never win big while Pioli is this team's boss. His priorities are too misguided, his insecurities and denial too immense to allow Kansas City's favorite team to win the Super Bowl that he was brought here to claim.

I'm not sure I'm ready to go that far but at 0-2 after consecutive blowout losses in year four of a regime, you can see how Babb arrived there. It's not like he hasn't been paying attention. A number of other reporters from around the country noted Babb's column last night on Twitter.

Part of Mellinger's column:

This is a level of ineptitude beyond even what Kansas City has sadly become accustomed to, and because owner Clark Hunt is not his father, a shameful 35-17 loss to a bad Bills team here on Sunday should be remembered as the tipping point of general manager Scott Pioli's job security.

Last week, you heard talk about the Falcons being good and the Chiefs being injured. What's the excuse now?

He's arguing that something needs to change, which I agree with -- I just don't know what. The built-in excuses like the head coach or the injuries aren't there anymore and it's frustrating as hell knowing that.

It's not like I'm gonna stop being a fan of the team but something fun shouldn't make me feel so depressed.

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