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Shootings And Helmet Man's Bomb Scare: Another Day In KC

Two big stories that involve the KC Chiefs and the police.

1. There was a shooting last night in the parking lot shared by the Royals and Chiefs, leaving one person (the shooter) dead. You can read about the details in the Star. Sounds like the shooter and the victim knew each other, which means it's probably not random violence. Considering the time -- 3:23 p.m. on a Friday -- this is a scary incident. Not like it came in the middle of the night...
2. "Helmet Man" -- a/k/a the guy who set off a bomb scare that shut down part of downtown KC yesterday -- is a Chiefs fan. Indeed, "Helmet Man" was a fixture at Chiefs games until his tickets were revoked in 2003.

There is a whole big story behind his tickets getting revoked and it reads like it's from a movie. Terrorists, bombings, U.S. Marshals, the federal witness protection program and more. Former Star reporter Wright Thompson wrote this on him in 2003 and holy crap it's an amazing story. Here's a little more on him.
If anyone says newspapers are worthless I would present to them the Star's coverage of yesterday's events. No one has the resources they do.

Well, there was one place with better coverage -- Twitter: "[Helmet man] was my boss. Total asshole."

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