GIF'D UP: Chiefs Offense Vs. Falcons And The Secret Weapon

Part 1: Chiefs Defense Vs. Falcons

We all know what the Chiefs big-name playmakers did Sunday against the Falcons. It was pretty obvious. What wasn't obvious was...The Secret Weapon.

Who is The Secret Weapon?

Hit the jump and find out. It's a secret. Sssh.


OMG! How dramatic.

Yes, it's true. Nate Eachus is the Chiefs' secret playmaker. Or at least, he might be, if they ever threw him the ball. Here is the proof in GIFs, created from beautiful All-22 footage.

1. Eachus slips into the flat, and the Falcons give him no respect. He is wide, wide open for a catch and maybe a first down. Instead, Matt Cassel hits Steve Breaston for a short gain.


2. The Chiefs run a play fake, Eachus hits a linebacker and....LOOK AT ALL THE GREEN GRASS. Cassel was too busy throwing a high ball to Dwayne Bowe, that was dropped, to see Eachus breaking wide open. I'm not gonna blame him for that, but Eachus would have made Arrowhead roar with a catch on this play.


3. Nate Eachus, deep threat! Check out Eachus carrying out another play fake and SPRINTING FOR THE END ZONE. At this point Atlanta is wise to Eachus and they treat him with ultimate respect, triple covering him.


4. Atlanta doesn't care about Nate Eachus. At all. The Chiefs run a doomed flea-flicker, which is unfortunate, because if Cassel had time to scan the field he could have dumped it to Eachus for another HUGE GAIN.


Note: Nate Eachus was on the field for five pass plays Sunday. He blocked on the fifth. Conclusion: Nate Eachus is ALWAYS open. Get The Secret Weapon the ball. And don't show this post to the Buffalo Bills. It's a secret.


Jamaal Charles runs over a 250-pound tight end.


Matt Cassel stares down Dexter McCluster on third down, eventually resulting in Ryan Succop's missed field goal, and really, really annoying me.


The Dexter GIF for all you Dexter fanboys:


The most obnoxious Falcons fan, ever:




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