GIF'D UP: Chiefs Defense Vs. Falcons

So everyone knows the Kansas City Chiefs couldn't stop Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons from seemingly completing passes at will last week. After reviewing the game, it might honestly be worse than anyone thinks. Based on a few plays, there are issues with this defense right now that one or two players (Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali) won't fix.

It's only one game, but the Chiefs absolutely, positively must not make these kinds of mistakes again if they want to be a good defense. Hit the jump for GIFs of pass coverage that Greg Robinson would be proud of.

Part I - Derrick Johnson

No idea why Derrick Johnson isn't getting enough depth in his zone drops on these two plays, but these passes were way, way too easy. The first GIF is early in the game on Atlanta's first drive, the Chiefs are playing a zone, and DJ is the only guy who can stop this completion. He's not even close.


Later, DJ is manned up against Tony Gonzalez on 2nd and 10. The cushion DJ is giving up is enormous and the Falcons easily pick up a first down. It doesn't get any easier than this for an offense.


Later on, it's more of the same with DJ and his zone drop. You might think this is Stanford Routt's fault but it's not. He's playing the flat (you can see the FB running that way in the first frame) and reading the quarterback, so he breaks towards a wide, wide open Julio Jones as soon as the ball is thrown. Again, DJ isn't even close, and it almost looks like he's confused about his assignment as he seems to want to go get the guy in the flat.


DJ gave up two other catches (according to the fine folks at Pro Football Focus), including the TD to Gonzalez, but these three were the most egregious. Brandon Flowers won't fix this.

Part II - Let's Ignore A Receiver Completely

These next two GIFs look like someone on the Chiefs defense is just completely blowing an assignment. Either that or the play call sent in was so horribly wrong, it was like like some bizarre real-life version of Super Tecmo Bowl, where everything goes wrong if you guess your opponent's play correctly.

First GIF comes to us courtesy of beautiful coaches' cam footage. And it shows the Chiefs just letting a Hall of Fame tight end run completely uncovered down the field. It's like they were playing with 10 guys. There's a play-action fake on this play, but Gonzalez doesn't even attempt to pretend as if he's blocking anyone. I'm guessing Eric Berry blew this, but who knows.


Our final GIF might be the worst of all, especially since A) there's no play fake B) It's third down and C) It's so close to the goal line. The Chiefs literally let Roddy White run free for an uncontested first down, which he blows because he drops the ball. I'm pretty sure White scores a touchdown on this play if he hauls in the catch.


This looks particularly bad from the end zone angle.


Is it DJ's fault? Did one of those DBs at the top of the screen blitz erroneously? Beats me. We got problems.

Romeo, your thoughts?


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