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Falcons-Chiefs, Take 2: The Fight, Billick's Big Fines And More

Sep 9, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Film actor John Amos on the field before the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons at Arrowhead Stadium. Atlanta won the game 40-24. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE
Sep 9, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Film actor John Amos on the field before the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons at Arrowhead Stadium. Atlanta won the game 40-24. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE
My re-watch of the KC Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons game is done and, like Romeo Crennel, the game is about how I remember it. The Chiefs first half was nice and the second half was not so nice.

I like going back and listening to the TV broadcast of the game because the announcers often have some insight into certain plays, what the coach or player is thinking and other things like that. They spend a little time with the coaches and players before the game to prepare for the broadcast so they're informed.

I jotted down a bunch of notes during my re-watch so there are 20 notes in here like these:
  • The Chiefs have something called the sugar huddle;
  • Shaun Draughn is probably gonna be fined for his role in the fight;
  • Brian Billick says he was fined "75g's" in his career for criticizing referees; and,
  • The Falcons defense was the worst in the NFL last year at facing 3rd-and-10+.
Your re-watch recap is after the jump.
Matt Cassel wants to use matchups more: "Matt Cassel said something to us yesterday that was interesting. He said he has to get to the point where he can pass the progression. By that I mean, every play has a certain progression you're supposed to go with but if you see a matchup -- and that's what this game is about today -- if you see a matchup you like, forget the progression and go with the matchup you like." (Billick)

Chiefs run a sugar huddle: "You can see what they're doing here. They're going to a little bit of no huddle. This is the sugar huddle Kansas City may run occasionally. This is not a pure no huddle. They kind of group together, they're not in a true huddle. He gives them their instructions and they hope that this upsets the defense in terms of what are the matchups, what can we get called and maybe get the defense to be a little more basic." (Billick)
Pioli likes Draughn: "Shaun Draughn the ball carrier, touching it for the first time in his NFL career. He was on the Kansas City practice squad last year. Scott Pioli their general manager says he believes this man has tremendous talent and it's just a matter of getting a chance to play." (Brennaman)

The Chiefs can "do a lot of real damage" soon: "This is a very young Kansas City team and that bodes well for their future if they can continue to develop as a group and mature as a young team. Kansas City, a lot of people think they can do a lot of real damage in the AFC West." (Blilick)

Julio Jones scores a touchdown with the help of an uncalled penalty: "You can't do that. You can't block down field on a play like that. That's one that the officials missed. You can make him avoid, you can act like you're going on a route and have a little collision but you can't flat go out there and cut the guy." (Billick)
Pick_mediumMore on the uncalled penalty: "Here's the key. Watch Harry Douglas. If you're within a yard of the line of scrimmage, it's okay. Otherwise it's offensive pass interference. I don't know. That's awful close. Just the nature of the play itself I gotta believe is normally going to be called." (Billick)

Chiefs were concerned about Jamaal Charles coming into the preseason:"They were concerned about Charles coming in. They said somewhere about the second or third preseason game they saw him put hit foot in the ground and make the kind of cut and they knew he was going to be OK." (Blllick)

Chiefs practice the Wildcat: "With the group they have in here, they have practiced some of the Wildcat where they'll shift Matt Cassel out of it." (Billick)

Possible reason for the offensive explosion in the first half: "Not to make an excuse but you're also talking about two new offensive coordinators that you don't really know what they were going to do coming in. You get nothing out of preseason, obviously. Daboll for Kansas City, Dirk Koetter coming in from Jacksonville to Atlanta so these defensive coaches had to guess a little bit as to what plan of attack was going to be. So far neither one has guessed right." (Billick)

Can't go one-on-one all the time: "Romeo Crennel said pressure is all well and good but if you leave too many one-on-one matchups, the same for Atlanta, you go one-on-one with this group, at some point the quarterback's going to find a way to beat you." (Billick)

Succop's field goal attempt was close:

What everyone was thinking: "That could be a huge miss in this game." (Brennaman)

Good point on Jovan Belcher: "Despite being their second leading tackler, Belcher, they need more out of him. 34 career games, only one sack and one forced fumble." (Brennaman)

Romeo likes calling the plays on defense: "Romeo Crennel, we asked him, he's one of the few head coaches who calls the defense. I asked why does he do that and instead of giving a long winded answer he said, 'Hey it's fun, I enjoy it. I'm a ball coach.'" (Billick)

Matt Ryan grabbed TG's touchdown ball and ran it over to him and told him to dunk it.

The day Tony Gonzalez got serious: "In 1998, he dropped 17 passes that year. 17 of them. He said his dedication changed literally overnight." (Brennaman)

When was the last time the Chiefs converted a third-and-14?
But for real...when?

Maybe the third-and-14 isn't that impressive: "One are [the Falcons] have been so poor in is being able to stop team's drives, even on third and long. In fact they were the worst team in the NFL last year trying to stop an opponent facing a third-and-10 or more." (Brennaman)


Sums up the second half:

A real exchange between Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick:

Brennaman (to Billick): I'm sure you were always very agreeable to everything the officials they had to say when they visited you on the sideline.

Billick: The more money they took the more agreeable I became.

Brennaman: How much money did they hit you for over the years?

Billick: They got me for a good 75g's man.

Brennaman: That's a lot of money.

Billick: That's a lot of crabs, as we say on the eastern shore. I got mellow in my old age though.

Brennaman: Yeah you really mellowed. It's outstanding how much in the five years we've been together you've mellowed.

The fight: "Now a fight! Boy, that's a serious fight down there!" (Brennaman)
The fight came early in the fourth quarter when Falcons' Kroy Biermann (the one who's wife is The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Ms Primetime tells me) appears to take an extra shove to Javier Arenas as he's tackling him out of bounds. Arenas did not approve of this move and got in his face.
Then, behind the Arenas-Biermann fight, Shaun Draughn and Christopher Owens start going at it.
It looks like Draughn throws a punch, which means he's probably going to be fined for this.

This concludes your re-watch recap.

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