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AP Pick 6 Leaderboard For Week 1


The first week ever of Arrowhead Pride and SB Nation Pick 6 Football is over and I've posted the Arrowhead Pride top 10 finishers above. You can view the AP leaderboard here and the overall SB Nation leaderboard here.

Yours truly finished in 257th place in the AP leaderboard. Joel finished in 368th place. I hope that guy isn't paid to follow the NFL or anything like that. [Edit by Joel: Shut up, Chris.]

Eight (!) of the AP top 10 had Matt Ryan among their picks. I have to give props to No. 10 finisher DCChiefsfan for picking Matt Cassel as his QB and still getting into the top 10. I also have to give props to three AP readers who made it into the overall top 10 of SB Nation overall for Week 1 - thewatwoods, tplas and super8.

Where did you finish? Let us know in the comments.

You have until Thursday evening to make your picks for Week 2. Go do it now!

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