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No Problem With Tony Gonzalez's Dunk At Arrowhead


Tony Gonzalez created and perfected his signature dunk over the goal post while a Kansas City Chief. On Sunday, he made his mark against the Chiefs.

Gonzalez scored one of the Falcons' four touchdowns late in the third quarter with a perfect pass from Matt Ryan down the middle of the field. The ball went rolling away from TG after the catch was already made so the dunk wasn't readily available.

"Matt all of a sudden comes up to me, and he puts it in my chest.," TG said after the game. "He said, ‘Go dunk that ball.'


"So I went up there and dunked it."

He was cheered -- loudly -- when the PA announcer welcomed him back. But there were some boos after the dunk.

"I heard the boos coming with it," TG said, "but I want all the fans to know it wasn't a disrespectful thing. That's me. I made my bones coming up in this league, and I definitely just wanted to make sure I was true to myself and go up there and dunk it."

Most people didn't have a problem with what the dunk considering the history and all that. Most people.

Safe to say that not many people agreed with that take.

TG dunking at Arrowhead isn't a thing. There's not an overflow of angry fans that he did it. People get it and respect it.

In fact, other people were impressed that an old man like Tony G. (36) could still dunk.

And others compared Vernon Davis' attempt at a dunk -- see the hilarious .GIF here -- to that old man in a Falcons uniform.

Since I was looking at tweets, I also found this one from an Atlanta reporter earlier in the week:


Photo credit: John Reiger / Denny Medley USPressWire

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