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VIDEO: 3 Game-Changing Plays In Falcons Vs. Chiefs

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We're going to take a look at three key plays from the Chiefs game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. This is a new video series that will post each Monday morning along with some GIF's (Thanks to Clay Wendler) that'll show these specific plays after the jump.

The first play was a 3rd and 9 for the Chiefs early in the second quarter. The play resulted in a 21-yard completion from Cassel to Bowe and just two plays later, the Chiefs scored their first touchdown of the season on a pass to Kevin Boss.


The next play was one that I think made all Chiefs fans cringe. The missed field goal the ended the Chiefs first drive after half-time. It was a total momentum killer and was the first drive in the game for either team that didn't end with points. We flinched first but was it pushed right or was it the wind? Perhaps both?


If the missed field goal was a killer than this next play was definitely was the dagger. The sack/fumble that led to the Tony Gonzalez touchdown catch sealed the game for the Chiefs. There was no coming back after this in my opinion.


Side note. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with what Tony G did after his touchdown catch. It wasn't disrespectful, but I don't blame fans for booing and being upset. If he does that when the Chiefs are up 40 does anyone boo? No, it's about context. The game was just put out of reach and fans were pissed. Pretty simple.

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