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Two Plays The KC Chiefs Should Want Back

We have a preview of BJ Kissel's Monday morning story about the KC Chiefs loss to the Atlanta Falcons. BJ is talking about the Chiefs turning points in the game identifying three specific plays that had a big impact on the game. As BJ explains in the video above, two of those plays weren't so good for the Chiefs.

BJ will have his full report later today but here's the quick preview:

Good for Chiefs:

13:08 in the 2nd quarter, 3rd-and-9 on the 47-yard line. 21-yard pass to Dwayne Bowe for a first down. Chiefs go on to score a touchdown.

Bad for Chiefs:

9:09 in the 3rd quarter: Ryan Succop misses the 40-yard field goal. Falcons go on to score and take their first double digit lead of the game.

4:14 in the 3rd quarter: Matt Cassel is sacked and fumbles, Falcons recover. Falcons go on to score a touchdown.

Believe it or not, the Chiefs actually had two third-and-9s from the 47-yard line -- one a 23-yard pass to Bowe (which resulted in a field goal) and a 21-yard pass to Bowe (which resulted in a touchdown).

Agree/disagree on the three turning points?

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