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Dontari Poe Compared To Ted Washington, Scott Pioli Talks Backup QBs And More

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Gil Brandt and Jim Miller of SiriusXM NFL Radio talked KC Chiefs from training camp last night and I plucked a few quotes from their more than three hours of Chiefs talk. It was like I was listening to local radio with as much Chiefs talk as I heard on there.

Players like Jamaal Charles, Brandon Flowers and Dontari Poe were featured, as well as GM Scott Pioii and head coach Romeo Crennel.

Here are a few highlights from the show:

The hosts joked with Jamaal Charles about fantasy football -- I'm not sure they remember this ad -- and Charles said he has very little interest in fantasy. He said he's just worried about winning games for the Chiefs this year.

Jamaal is really looking forward to the season. "I miss football. I've been out the whole year. It's all I was thinking about while I was gone."

Gil Brandt on Dontari Poe: "I think the one thing, especially early in the year, it's very hard to be a good pass rusher on hot days because it's so much easier to be a pass protector. You don't have to do nearly as much work as you do to become a pass rusher."

Gil Brandt on Dontari Poe/Ted Washington comparison: "This guy's thin compared to Ted Washington. I remember Ted Washington well. He was a house and a half. Whtaever weight it was, and I think you're being kind at 400, the guy moved around. He went right, left and rushed the passer and all these things. He was a freak athlete. i do not think Dontari Poe is as good of an athlete as Ted Washington. But I think he's good enough."

Dontari Poe on what he's working on the most: "Just technique. Using my hands more. Learning how to control people instead of just getting up field and penetrating."

GM Scott Pioli gave the same comment he's been giving to everyone about Dwayne Bowe, which is that he's not commenting.

Pioli says the Chiefs backup QB situation is "healthier" now than it was last year (with all due respect to last year's guys, he says).

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