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Biggest Takeaway From Seahawks-Chiefs: These Games Can Still Happen

The Seattle Seahawks beat down the KC Chiefs 44-14 on Friday night at Arrowhead Stadium and there's few good things to take out of it. The big takeaway is that, yes, the Chiefs are still capable of getting thoroughly whooped by an opponent.

Offensively, KC turned the ball over and only put up two touchdowns. Defensively, Russell Wilson single-handedly earned the NFL MVP award by carving up KC's defense throughout the night. They even gave up a special teams touchdown!

The takeaway is that the Chiefs aren't past the point where they have to worry about blowouts.

They're still not good enough to walk into a game and know they can compete. It doesn't always happen. It's not like the 2009 season where KC is liable to lose 44-7 one week and 31-3 the next. They have enough talent to avoid the consecutive week meltdowns (I think).

But this was just a reminder that, after all of our excitement around the Arizona game and subsequent excuse-making around the St. Louis game, the Chiefs still have these types of games in them.

Maybe it's that it's preseason. The Chiefs didn't do any game planning on offense. They're running just basic parts of their defense. The guys giving up the special teams touchdown will be cut before Friday.

Maybe it's just because I've been paying closer attention to the team but it seems the Chiefs have been on the wrong end of blowouts more in the last three years than any other point in franchise history. It's not a feeling you want to ever get used to.

Are we getting too used to being on the wrong side of a blowout?

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