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Fan On The Field And A 'Wild Arrest' At Seahawks-Chiefs Game

I didn't notice this at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday night but apparently a fan was tasered after jumping onto the field. Beth Vaughn of 41 Action News reports a man jumped the railing at Arrowhead and ran onto the field before quickly being met by Chiefs security and KCPD.

When the man refused to cooperate, police tasered him. Finally, with two hands behind his back, police were able to put handcuffs on the man and lead him out of the stadium.

The man left the field with a bloody nose but looked virtually un-phased. Fans in that area of the stadium even cheered him on.

I wonder if this will be good enough to make it into Jon Bois' Field Stormers series.

You go to the game, have a few beers, your buddies egg you on and you jump the field. It's happened to the best of us!

Actually, no. It's not normal to run onto the field and get tackled by the police. Who actually jumps the railing and runs onto the field? I could never do that.

Let us know in the comments if you, or someone you know, has ran on the field.

Check out a picture of the field-jumper at 41 Action News' website.

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