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Grade The KC Chiefs Against The Seattle Seahawks


I'm gathering a few posts to put up today but this won't be a pretty day. I am midway through re-watching the game and it's just not very fun. The KC Chiefs looks like, well, crap. The Seattle Seahawks, meanwhile, are en route to the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson, who will win the MVP.

At least that's what this felt like...

There were some positives -- Nate Eachus! -- but not much to sway my grade for the Chiefs. I'm trying to find reasons to avoid giving them a failing grade. Looking for excuses that just aren't there.

I have to give the Chiefs an F for this game. You can't lose by 30 points and justify anything else. I can point out minor positives here and there but, man, 30 points!

It's been a while since the Chiefs had a butt-kicking like this. Last week's game against the Rams was a beat down but not like this, not this bad.

Let's all get this out of our system now. Grade the Chiefs, we'll break some of this game down and then move onto the preseason finale as quickly as possible.

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