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KC Chiefs Lose At Home To Seahawks 44-14

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 24:  A young Kansas City Chiefs fan watches during the NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks at Arrowhead Stadium on August 24, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 24: A young Kansas City Chiefs fan watches during the NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks at Arrowhead Stadium on August 24, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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Ugh. Just ugh. What can we say? Did anyone see that coming?

The Kansas City Chiefs were rocked, embarrassed and beaten down in their own house. The Seattle Seahawks take this one, 44-14.

The offense didn't look bad. (Update: This is a rather unfortunate typo. The Chiefs offense did look bad. Sorry for the confusion. -Joel) The defense looked horrible. Special teams gave up a score. What didn't go wrong?

Your Seahawks-Chiefs recap, if you can stomach it, is after the jump.

Here's the scene as the KC Chiefs come onto the field:
And one more...he's ALIVE!!!

KC Wolf kicks things off by body slamming two Seahawks fans in the middle of the field. He hopped on his four wheeler with what appeared to be a little KC Wolf on the back.

I saw Matt Flynn on the field before the game in sweatpants and wondered what was up. He's not playing tonight due to a sore elbow. So the Chiefs will be seeing a lot of Russell Wilson and a little Tarvaris Jackson

Dwayne Bowe did not start the game. Jon Baldwin and Steve Breaston were your starting receivers.

The Chiefs first drive was not impressive. Peyton Hillis was stuffed for a two-yard loss on the first play, a run to the left. Matt Cassel was flushed from the pocket and gained two yards on a scramble and then Cassel avoided the big hit and took a sack on third down.

Jalil Brown started in place of Brandon Flowers. Abe Elam started in place of Kendrick Lewis.

The Seahawks look like the Rams on their first drive. Not quite as sharp as the Rams' first drive last week but Seattle is passing and rushing their way down the field. They end it with a 36-yard field goal. 12 plays, 41 yards over 5:25. Six passes and six rushes for a balanced drive.

Here we go...

D-Bowe's first snap...

Jamaal Charles had one of those ridiculous, video game-like moves where he ran to the right, stopped and cut back to the other side of the field. Just like that, a 12-yard gain. Ladies and gentleman, Jamaal Charles.

Earl Thomas lays a hit on Steve Breaston as he tried to catch in the middle of the field. Breaston dropped the ball and Seahawks players thought it was a fumble. Thomas, who made the hit, did a little flexing while his teammates, um, were still playing. The refs wised up and ruled that it was not a fumble.

Pass interference for Jalil Brown. Very next play: Braylon Edwards catches a pass over Brown for 32 yards. People are becoming wayyyy too familiar with him this game.

Through less than one quarter I can already tell this game will be remembered for Jalil Brown getting picked on bad.

Also notable in the DJ sack: How many Chiefs can get held on one play?


Seahawks kick another field goal on a seven play, 59-yard drive. The Chiefs defense is giving up yards but they're holding tight on their side of the field. 6-0, Seahawks.

First target to Dwayne Bowe came when he was covered by Richard Sherman. Bowe ran roughly 15 yards down the field and Cassel threw it a little high and a little behind but the pass actually looked like it could've worked, almost like one of those Aaron Rodgers back-shoulder passes. Bowe got his hands on it but Sherman broke it up.

Did he drop it?


Upon closer look -- and a new angle -- you can tell Sherman knocks it out.


Now let's stop it and see it closer. Bowe gets his hands on it but Sherman is in the perfect spot to break that up.



Anthony Toribio has an ankle injury and is out of the game.

Eric Berry scared the hell out of me. Russell Wilson took off running and Berry went chasing him down. A Seahawks defender came at Berry to block him and went low causing Berry to do a complete flip in the air.


See how he looks hurt there at the end? Holy crap that's scary. However, Berry stayed in the game and appeared to be OK.

And on the very next play after the flip...Touchdown Seahawks.

Your official Dwayne Bowe first catch of the year:


Bowe is a tough receiver. This is his type of catch right here. Glad to have him back in the fold.

This is the longest end of half I remember. The replacement refs let time run off the clock, reversed a call and now we are hitting another two-minute warning. Where am I?

Cassel to DMC gets the Chiefs on the board. Cassel was facing a pass rush and stepped up in the pocket, kept his eyes down field and stayed behind the line of scrimmage to hit McCluster in the end zone for a touchdown.

And then Cassel celebrated. Please, shield your eyes:


Not all is going well with the Chiefs, though. The defense continues to allow Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to drive down the field.



He says it best...

Down goes Dorsey. Glenn Dorsey went down on a play and was tended to by the Chiefs training staff. He was down for about two minutes before walking off under his own power. That plus Anthony Torbio's ankle injury and this has not been a good night for the Chiefs defensive line.

Officially, Dorsey's injury is being called a knee -- left knee.

Good grief. Seahawks' Robert Turbin goes 25 yards for the touchdown. Seahawks continue dominating, 30-7.

Right as I say Cassel has been doing a nice job of stepping up in the pocket and driving down the field, he steps up and is stripped of the ball. Seahawks pick it up and it's a Chiefs turnover. Wow.

9:38 in the third quarter: I'm feeling really depressed right now.


Terrell Owens had a pretty incredible reception over Jacques Reeves. Russell Wilson went deep and T.O., with Reeves on him, saw the float over his head and right into his hands which were coupled up against his chest. Incredibly difficult catch.

Speechless: Cassel throws a pick-six. 75 yard return. 37-7, Seattle. Wow...

The pick-six aftermath:


Does that face not describe this game perfectly?

4:48 in the third quarter: I'm moving from depressed to just not caring. Is that bad?

That's it for Cassel...

Your "It can always get worse" interlude: Golden Tate ran a kick back 92 yards for a touchdown.


Fourth quarter and Chiefs' Nate Eachus is still going full steam. Check him out on this block:


You saw the offensive line celebrate after he scored a few minutes later. That's because the Chiefs have the third stringers in there and a few of those guys will make the roster. You wanna make the team, you gotta be willing to go 100 percent when you're down 37 Eachus:


By the way, 98 yards for Nate Eachus tonight.


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