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The Great Safety Debate: Earl Thomas Vs. Eric Berry

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I already know how everyone on here would answer this question but I posed it to Danny Kelly over at our Seahawks blog, Field Gulls.

Earl Thomas or Eric Berry?

Earl all the way. But, I'd admit the obvious bias because I get the opportunity to watch Thomas play a great deal more being here in Seattle and seeing that Berry missed out on all of last season. The Seahawks base a lot of their defensive scheming around Thomas' ability to play up on the line, in the deep middle, in the slot, or even as a true cornerback. His range and speed is unmatched on the Seahawks' roster and he's just coming into his own as a player. He makes plays behind the line of scrimmage, he makes impossibly difficult plays on the football, and he is a team leader.

This is nothing against Berry because I remember wanting my Seahawks' to take the Tennessee Volunteer back in 2010 and I think he'll have an incredible career, but Thomas is such an integral part of the Seahawks' defense that I wouldn't trade him for just about any other defensive player.

You knew he'd say that. You also knew everyone here would disagree.

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