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Carson Palmer Says Raiders Preseason Woes 'Not Concerning'


Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer spoke to the media on Tuesday and said the Raiders preseason is not concerning, despite a 3-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys and a 31-27 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

I kinda chuckled at a few things he said so I took Palmer's words and matched them up to what I probably would've said around this time last year, right after the Chiefs preseason ended when we thought all was just peachy in Chiefs land.

2012 preseason Carson Palmer: "Obviously we haven't done what we expected to do, but it's not a concern. We just need to clean some things up. We've made a handful of mistakes and hurt ourselves, but it's not concerning."

2011 preseason Joel: "Nah, I'm not worried about the preseason. Tony Moeaki's ACL injury was a fluke thing. No way those types of injuries happen in the regular season. That's one bad injury but those happen to every team. The Chiefs are ready for this season. I'm not concerned about the dozen different signs suggesting this season will be a shit show."


2012 Carson Palmer: "I think that's the main thing that's encouraging to know is that we've made a bunch of mistakes and we've still moved the ball, but we've been nowhere near where we can be when we're all clicking and on the same page. It's just a matter of time. We just need to keep working."

2011 preseason Joel: "Todd Haley's preseason plan is great. The Chiefs may look bad in the preseason but come regular season watch out. While the rest of the teams are getting back in the groove in Week 1 the Chiefs will be on fire right off the bat because they played their starters into the third quarter of the final preseason game. It's standard logic, you see? Just a matter of time."


2012 preseason Carson Palmer: "They're in the right spot at the right time - they're not lining up in different formations with wrong splits or breaking the huddle and running the wrong way, which is a lot of times something that happens with young guys,. So I have a ton of trust in them, and we'll just continue to work on it as the year goes on."

2011 preseason Joel: "Yeah the Chiefs lost every preseason game and looked horrible doing it but they're really giving it their all. That type of effort will translate to the regular season because in the NFL it's all about effort not talent. Generally speaking, whoever tries the hardest wins."

(Palmer's quotes come via Sacramento Bee)

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