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Seahawks Vs. Chiefs: Russell Wilson Or Matt Flynn For Seattle?

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The Kansas City Chiefs could be facing a rookie quarterback when the Seattle Seahawks come to town.

Well, let me rephrase that. They'll definitely face a rookie quarterback -- Russell Wilson. But, according to the Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times, it "appears" Wilson will draw the start against the Chiefs.

It's not official and hasn't been announced by the team but O'Neil writes a couple times in this blog post that indications are that Wilson will be the starter on Friday night at Arrowhead (even though he doesn't explain those indications).

Though Matt Flynn seems to be the favorite to ultimately land the starting job this year in Seattle, Wilson has played well enough to make things interesting. In Week 1 of the preseason he completed 75 percent of his passes (12-of-16) for 124 yards and one touchdown to one interception. In Week 2, those numbers were 10-of-17 for 155 yards and two touchdowns.

The Seahawks have scored at least 27 points in both games. The Chiefs, meanwhile, get articles written about the rarity of scoring that many points in a preseason game when they dropped 27 on the Cardinals. (Nine years!)

I met Russell Wilson earlier this year at an NFLPA event in Los Angeles. Pretty nice guy, high energy with a lot of personality. SB Nation Studios shot a video with him talking to some other players, which I posted below. Just fast forward to 1:13 with Wilson asking T.J. Graham why they call him Midnight Rider. Pretty funny.

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