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The Rams TV Broadcasters Wore Fake Mustaches

I talked about this on but it works here, too...

If you really want bizarro world then you need to watch the TV feed from the opposing team. I watched the replay of the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams game but from the Rams TV feed, not the Chiefs. It's weird. They're focusing on the Rams and not the Chiefs like Lenny Dawson and Mitch Holthus on the Chiefs radio broadcast or Trent Green and Paul Burmeister on the Chiefs TV broadcast.

The Rams broadcasters were NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano, Marshall Faulk and Ross Tucker. Throughout the night, they kept talking about fake mustaches, a nod to Jeff Fisher.
Note: Ignore the goatee. This is mustache talk.

The Rams are trying to break the world record for most mustaches in one place at the same time, according to Brian Killingsworth, VP marketing and brand strategy (a/k/a the guy who makes the bold and unusual move of going all-in on fake mustaches).

"We're actually going to break a record [in the Rams regular season home opener]," Killingsworth said on the Rams broadcast. "The most fake mustaches in one place at the same time."
"We've actually filed paperwork with Guiness and we're going to blow that away," he said of the current record of 227 fake mustaches in one place at the same time.

"We're really trying to connect more with families," Killingsworth said.

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