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Scott Pioli Refuses To Comment On Dwayne Bowe's Absence

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Scott Pioli took some time to answer several questions on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today, and the Chiefs general manager was fairly forthcoming on several levels. However, when it comes to Dwayne Bowe's absence at the team's training camp in St. Joseph, Pioli wasn't having it.

Bowe is currently holding out from training camp and there's been no communication of any expectations from either side. Bowe has yet to sign the franchise tender offered to him, so he's not losing money since there's technically no contract in place. However, Bowe does have a paycheck for the 2012 season coming to him for approximately $9.5 million given the amount of the franchise tender for wide receivers.

When pressed about when Bowe could arrive in Kansas City, Pioli refused to answer the question, yet he also took the time to explain his reasoning.

"You know, I don't have expectations on that," said Pioli. "Something I've been pretty consistent about is that I want to avoid conversations on this out of respect to Dwayne, the Chiefs and the entire process. I haven't set an expectation as to when he's gonna show or when he's not gonna show.

"I don't believe in the 'no comment', but I also want to very respectful of Dwayne and the process because anything that I can say, whether it's positive or negative about the situation, can somehow be... taken out of context and looked at as a leverage play against Dwayne.

Perhaps the best sign for the Chiefs going forward is that Pioli's steady approach might just be enough to smooth the tension between both sides if it was ever necessary. Both sides could easily play the media or use some sort of hard line to make a stance, but instead each side has removed drama from the equation. That's a very good sign for the long-term.

"I just don't think that's healthy because I expect that he's going to be here at some point in time and whenever that is, I want it to be the best sort of circumstances as possible," said Pioli. "Out of respect to the whole situation, I don't think it's healthy for me to talk about what communication there has been or hasn't been. Those things need to stay private. It needs to be family business.

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