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Brandon Flowers' Injury Is Just A Bruise

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The official word is out from Josh Looney that Brandon Flowers' injury is not bad, despite how bad it looked in the beginning, and it's clear the there should be no long-term effects for the Chiefs heading toward the season for their shutdown cornerback. That's good news for a unit that many believe will become an elite defense in the NFL with the return of Eric Berry from injury and the continued development of such a young core of players.

Flowers is, of course, the Chiefs most dependable weapon in defending the passing game, and the team already is making a major change at the starting spot opposite Flowers in the move from Brandon Carr to Stanford Routt. It turns out Mitch Holthus was right in his initial beliefs that Flowers' injury was nothing to be too concerned about.

Flowers had 59 tackles and 4 interceptions last season for the Chiefs.