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AP Schedule For The Weekend

Two weeks ago I went to New Orleans with seven pals for my bachelor party. Today I go to San Diego for a friend's bachelor party. Yep, I'm at that age when everyone's getting married.

So I'm going to be gone starting this afternoon through Sunday night. Matt Conner of SB Nation KC fame will take the lead on the site for a few days.

On Thursday and Friday, you can expect the normal coverage including the training camp practice open thread at 3:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time). We just won't be at practice but we'll still be passing along all the links, tweets and notes you need.

On Saturday, we have a free agent joining the team. Sports journalist Herbie Teope will be traveling to St. Joe to cover practice for AP. He's bringing along Andy Burns, a photographer, so we'll have not only reports from camp but some great pictures as well. His Twitter account is @HerbieTeope so give him a follow. His website is here if you want to get a sense of who he is.

You may remember me leaping over mediums and doing a TV show last year in Fort Riley, KS. Herbie was the point man on that for me, which is how we know each other. He's been nice enough to make the trip to St. Joe for us so we don't miss a beat.

Please don't haze him too bad while I'm gone. Be on your best behavior!

Sunday, the Chiefs are off so it'll be a slower-than-usual day. The very first preseason game, between the Cardinals and Saints, is that evening.

That's what's going on for the next few days.

Now, let's get down to business...what should I do to my friend Will on the bachelor party this weekend? I'm sure ya'll can come up with some entirely appropriate suggestions.

*Oops, I didn't mean to drop this screen shot of the weather in San Diego right here.


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