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Saturday Would Be A Good Day For Dwayne Bowe To Show Up

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This Saturday. That's when Dwayne Bowe should show up to KC Chiefs training camp.

It's Family Fun Day and it's about the halfway point of training camp, which means only half of it left. It's two days before the Arizona Cardinals, and Bowe's buddy Larry Fitzgerald, are set to arrive in Kansas City.

Saturday makes oh-so-much-sense for Bowe to arrive in St. Joe. I'm not saying he will. This isn't a sourced report. I don't have any inside information on this one. But Saturday should be the day he reports.

There is no better day to show than Family Fun Day, one of the biggest days of camp. Bowe's gaining a reputation as a guy who signs every last autograph. Show up and do it at Family Fun Day when the fans line the fields and the players spend time after practicing signing things.

This is what Bowe said about the fans in St. Joe in an interview with me a few months ago:

"I love St. Joe, man. The fans line the field just like this. I signed every day for 30 days. It was like, when they see me out at the Wal-Mart, it's nothing but love. I've never seen fans like Kansas City that's so dedicated and so honored."

Oh, don't tell anyone you're coming either. Just show up shortly before practice, sign your tender and come running down that hill and onto the practice field as fans start cheering. Do your entrance big and people will quickly forget that you've skipped out on half of camp.

Come in on Saturday, day off on Sunday, practice on Monday with no pads (for Bowe) and then Fitz and Co. land on the Missouri Western State University campus to practice with the Chiefs.

Saturday. That should be the day.

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