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Chiefs Vs. Rams: The Best And The Worst


Holy Bizarro Week.


What a direct 180 from the highs of last week. Oh well, it was probably necessary for this team to face some adversity sooner rather than later and blah de blah. Actually, screw that. Sure, the Chiefs came in full of themselves and it showed in the first five minutes, but they responded. If that was a regular season game, I think the Chiefs still would've won by double digits.

But, preseason. Ohhhh, preseason.

Best part about preseason - You can write off games like this, while chalking up games like last week as a precursor to the team's success. It's win-win! Actually, the preseason gets a bad wrap. I think it's great. It's like watching the coming attractions of all 32 teams before the real movie begins. You're taking everything in, trying to filter out which teams show actual promise, and which teams used all their best scenes in the pre(season)view.

I'll be honest with you. I love this football. I do. I am a Michael Bolton NFL Preseason fan.

Lets boogie...

The Best & Worst w/ His Dirkness:

Best signs of life last night - Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles, and Dontari Poe all showed us something. The preseason isn't important for everybody, however it is for your quarterback (Icy Matt Cassel), your first round pick (Poe), or any player coming off an injury (God Jam). These three are arguably the most important players of the Chiefs preseason.

~Charles just looks like his old self out there. His jukes on the swing passes were a welcomed sight. I'm amazed at how fast he seems to have come back from a big time knee injury like that (take THAT Dr. James Andrews!).

~While Poe has struggled standing his ground in the run game, he seems like an animal rushing the passer. I'm perfectly fine with relegating him to passing downs (because that's what the defense needs right now), while he continues to work on becoming a full time nose tackle.

~Meanwhile, Cassel just seems more comfortable with everything. More confident, more focused. I almost wonder if he had too much on his mind last season with the whole Haley and Pioli feud going on (for who knows how long). Couldn't you just see Cassel getting caught in the middle of one of their arguments trying to play peace keeper? Well, hopefully Brian Daboll and his bucket hat have come in and eased Cassel's mind this season. The game seems easier for him right now, and he appears to be in complete command of this offense. Lets hope this is the year he metamorphs from Remarkably Average Matt Cassel to Spectacularly Decent Matt Cassel.

Worst comparison that I feel I have to make - The dark locks of hair flowing out the back of his helmet. The sacks when a defender does little more than blow on him. The overall carelessness with the ball. The #12 jersey. The bizarre cult following. Sorry Stanzi Fanzis, but it's just too much! I see little evidence to make me think that Rick Stanzi isn't the second coming of (the worst QB of all time) Brodie Croyle.

Worst reputation - Tamba Hali can't defend the run. I just don't agree with this assessment, yet it seems to follow him. Maybe it came from his days miscast as a traditional defensive end. All he is now is the 34th best player in the NFL. (See, Alex Smith concurs. And Ryan Fitzpatrick...WHOAAAA).

Best sign that it's still preseason - Jake O'Connell is making plays. #TeamManeri

Best time to have Derrick Johnson on your team - 3rd and 1, apparently.

Best player to go ahead and start getting to know now - Abram Elam. Unfortunately (x1,000), the injury suffered by Kendrick Lewis last night looked serious. Now I'm no doctor (although I did look up the rates for a Holiday Inn Express recently), but a reoccurring shoulder injury like that seems like it could be the type to derail a promising young player's career. Enter Abe Elam. A quick peak at this dude's Wikipedia page shows that he has lived a rough life. Three of his siblings have been shot to death (spread out over a 21 year span). Which is why I would like to personally adopt Elam as the player I cheer extra hard for this season (replacing my main mane, Wallace Gilberry).

Worst position on this team - Fullback. Shane Bannon missing blocks on blocks on blocks.

Worst impression made this preseason - Stanford Routt. Maybe my expectations were too high for Brandon Carr's replacement, but the dude was dominant when paired with Nnamdi Asomugha once upon a time. However, he has not fared well in his first two games in red (and to think, I was all excited about the debut of his red half sleeve things). Worse than giving up a few receptions in each of the first few games, was what appeared to be a lack of effort from Routt when he could've snatched an interception by diving for it in the 2nd quarter last night.

Best way to utilize your little Danny Amendolas - Like zis. P.S. What terrible coverage by Javier Arenas on the play.

Best reference that only sports writers might get because of the strange correlation between sports journalism and The Wire - Steve Breaston looks exactly like Bubbles (credit to Josh Klingler).

Best player that I haven't seen enough of - Jerrell Powe. All he does is wreak havoc when he's in the game, but he can't seem to earn any playing time against the first or second stringers. Play the man.

Best debate to bowl over with your buddies - Who is the 8th best Chief? I know, an odd question right? Well, let me help you out. I believe most people would agree on the Top 7 (here they are, in my order): Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Winston, Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, and Brandon Flowers. So who is the next best Chief (top candidates listed in the poll)?


His Dirkness

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