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Danny Amendola's Touchdown Catch Was Awesome


The best play in Saturday's night preseason game did not come from the Kansas City Chiefs. It came from Danny Amendola and the St. Louis Rams. With help from Sam Bradford, Amendola made a hell of a touchdown reception, good enough to make SportsCenter's top 10 plays.

We'll revisit the play for no good reason other than to look at a really cool play.


Amendola is running towards the left corner of the end zone and this is when he looks back to track the ball, realizing he has to turn around to make the catch. That's Javier Arenas tailing him.


Watch his feet. That's what makes this play difficult. He changes direction mid-sprint, tracks the ball and does it all while Arenas is breathing down his neck. It's not like Arenas didn't have good coverage here. He was all over it.


The ball is coming in. Amendola has stopped while Arenas has not. As he's getting hit, Amendola is able to somehow, someway track the ball.


Here's the other angle of it. Look at his arms -- he only has one arm available to make this catch and as you see below he doesn't even use that arm.


Look at the ball. What's holding that ball in? Just Amendola's, uh, crotch. His hands are occupied. This is a you'll-never-do-that-again type of catch.


The reverse angle. Look at the ball sitting in his lap. Nice work here by US PRESSWIRE photographer Jeff Curry on these last three shots.

Finally, here it is in action:


He closes his legs to keep the ball in his grasp. The ball does not hit the ground. This is just a great catch that even drew pass interference from Arenas.

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