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Greatest Chiefs Fantasy Football Team Ever Assembled

This is more of a lazy Friday post but we'll do this today.

What's the greatest fantasy football team you could assemble using Chiefs players throughout history?

Here we go...

QB: Trent Green

This should be obvious. Green was the one of the most prolific passers in the league while he was with the Chiefs. They may not have won the Super Bowl with him but that offense in the Trent years was Super Bowl-caliber.

Runner-up: Lenny

RB: Priest Holmes

Jamaal Charles' 2010 season was one to remember but Priest did something better than any Chief before him -- scored touchdowns. A lot of 'em. The same goes for the guy who barely beat Charles' out for my runner up spot.

Runner-up: 2.7

WR: Dwayne Bowe

This is kind of relevant considering Bowe's current situation. Looking back at the Chiefs history, Bowe really has been the man. He led the NFL and set a new Chiefs franchise record with 15 touchdowns in 2010. The Chiefs don't have a great history of receivers but Bowe is the most talented of the bunch.

Runner-up: Otis Taylor

TE: Tony Gonzalez

Take your pick from any of TG's seasons. He's the greatest tight end to ever set foot on the field and for 13 years he was ours.

Runner-up: Fred Arbanas

Defense: 1969 Chiefs Defense

No. 1 in points allowed. No. 1 in yards allowed. Hall of Famers on the team. Yep.

Runner-up: 1995 Chiefs Defense

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