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Chiefs Injury Report Highlighted By Brandon Flowers, Cyrus Gray

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Where do we stand with the Kansas City Chiefs injured players?

Your Wednesday morning run down...
Brandon Flowers is the big name on this list. He hasn't participated since July 31, more than two weeks at this point. His injury was originally a foot bruise, others have said a heel injury. At the time we were given the impression this was a minor injury. Two weeks doesn't seem so minor. If he doesn't practice this afternoon he likely won't play against the Rams in St. Louis on Saturday.

Cyrus Gray came up with a hamstring injury earlier this week and has been sitting out. Sounds like a minor injury if handled right but it's notable that he also missed time earlier this offseason with a hamstring problem.

Cameron Sheffield has "little groin" injury, Romeo Crennel said on Tuesday. He didn't practice yesterday afternoon but Romeo made it sound like something minor. Travis Daniels and and Ethan Johnson remain out as well.

Now for the good news. Shane Bannon, last year's mystery IR player, is back on the field in pads after missing time due to injury. Junior Hemingway, who has been out for a couple of weeks, "was able to start some movement stuff," Crennel said on Tuesday. "Even though he is not in pads, at least he is beginning to move, so that's a good sign that eventually he'll be in pads and be back out there." That's good news on Hemingway, who was slowly becoming this year's mystery IR candidate.