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Nice Piece Of Chiefs Marketing Here

Chiefs direct mailer
Chiefs direct mailer

The Kansas City Chiefs have a direct marketing campaign circulating right now with a mailer that includes a season ticket solicitation and the mailer is actually pretty cool.

I used to be in the direct mail industry before my blogging career so this is stuff I recognize -- the colors, whether their inkjets were lined up and their variable data. You'd be amazed at how much I could talk about direct mail but please don't make me go back to direct mail.

Related: I'm also a huge nerd.

Anyway, their printing company did what's called a match job, where you gotta match two things -- in this case, the address and the name on the jersey. If you screw up, you'll have the Thorman jersey headed to Bob Smith.

Anyone else receive one of these?

Hey, if you're gonna run these campaigns, might as well make them cool and I think this one is pretty cool.

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