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Posterized: TFL

Chris Sembower

{These are meant to be seen large! Head over to my Facebook page to check this out in full-screen!}

Boy it feels good to create content from an actual game again. Derrick Johnson wasn't in the game long but he sure made an impression. The entire linebacking corps did, to be honest.

There was one play in particular by #56 that caught my eye. I thought it was pretty "typical DJ", and figured it would be a good one to illustrate. He caught the Arizona RB at the legs behind the line of scrimmage when he was trying to skip through a hole and completely changed the guy's momentum in mid-air. I was hoping to capture that in this piece.

As usual, this is available for wallpaper usage on my site

I've posted Clay Wendler's encouraging gif of this play after the jump. (H/T!)

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