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Romeo Crennel Sticks To The Script On Replacement Refs


Last week the NFL send a memo around to teams asking them not to discuss the replacement referees. If someone, like a head coach, had to talk about them, the league also provided some talking points to which they should adhere.

KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel was asked about the officials on Monday and stuck to the script provided by the NFL.

Here's what Romeo said about the refs when asked on Monday:

"I don't know that you look to try to get away with anything because the officials are going to be the officials, and that is what I told the team before the game. Whoever the officials are out there, they are going to make the call on what they see. And, they are not changing them, generally. The only time it gets changed is when it goes upstairs to the booth. So, we have to play with whatever rules are in place, with the officials who are officiating the game, and that's what we try to do. It doesn't do any good to - whether you like it or not - to talk about the officials because they are not changing. So, we go play the game. I told the players, ‘Your job is to play. Let the officials officiate.' And I told them that I hope that they are players and not officials."

That's basically a longer version of these two talking points provided by the league back in July:

Our focus is on preparing our team for the coming season. We don't worry about things we can't control.

We will play by the same rules and we are confident that the official will know the rules and do their jobs.

There weren't any big mistakes in the Chiefs game -- at least not as big as this mistake - although I'm curious to see if the NFL agrees that Adrian Wilson's hit on Terrance Copper was clean.

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