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Chiefs Come Out Of Cardinals Game Healthy

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The Kansas City Chiefs came out of Friday's game against the Arizona Cardinals with no major injuries. Romeo Crennel said in a conference call with some reporters on Saturday that there were a few bumps and bruises but nothing serious. On Monday morning, he said that everyone who played in the game should be available to practice on Monday afternoon.

There were five players who didn't play in the game, including Brandon Flowers and Travis Daniels. Those are the only guys who will be missing practice.

"The main guy is [Brandon] Flowers and where he is," Crennel said, via comments sent out by the Chiefs, "I think his heel is getting better. But it's not where he wants it to be yet and having to do the job that he has to do. He's rehabbing and he's working at it. Hopefully, one day he will come out and all of a sudden, boom, he will feel great, and he will be ready to go because that's what they tell me, sometimes those bruises will hurt for a little bit and all of a sudden, they just disappear. He's working through that. He wants to be out there, but we'll see if he can go this afternoon or not."

The big thing here is that Flowers' injury, while it's bugging him now, is not supposed to be a longterm issue.

"Travis Daniels," Crennel continued, "he didn't play, and he's into that groin, hamstring area with his injury. He won't go today, and we'll see how quickly he can come around."

Hmm...I don't know much about Daniels' injury.

"[Junior] Hemmingway and [Shane] Bannon," Crennel said, "they will probably be with the strength guys on the side and begin to do some work that way and see what they can do. Hopefully they can begin to do enough that maybe this week we can get them in pads and get them back.":

The final guy who missed Friday's game is Ethan Johnson, who will not be practicing today.

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