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A Collective Effort With KC Chiefs Pass Rushers In Preseason Game One

The Kansas City Chiefs offense will be talked about the most this week. Matt Cassel, Peyton Hillis, Dexter McCluster, Steve Maneri and others will get their time. But let's not overlook the evolution we've seen in the last few years with this Chiefs defense.

In 2008, the Chiefs as a team had 10 sacks the entire season. That's four years ago. They're now opening the 2012 preseason with seven sacks in one game. So crazy. Seven sacks, DT-style. It seemed like everyone was getting in on the action. Seven players had seven sacks.

One play, in particular, is a good example of the type of night the Chiefs defense had. With just over three minutes left in the first quarter of Friday's game, the Chiefs sacked John Skelton on a third and long, ending a drive. It was cool watching the play develop, mostly because it was really successful.

A closer look at the Chiefs harassing Cardinals QB John Skelton...

This is how they look pre-snap. Justin Houston is the left outside linebacker, right on the line of scrimmage. Then there's Eric Berry between Houston and Derrick Johnson.


Houston, Berry and DJ are on the loose. Elam, the safety at the top of your screen, looks like he's about to blitz but he drops into coverage. Watch Houston near the bottom -- he's entering a one-on-one matchup. As Herm used to say, you gotta win when you're one-on-one. Now look at Berry and DJ.


This is from the defense's angle. Berry is the key here, crashing into the blocker. The fullback steps up as a blocker and takes on Berry, which leaves DJ free to ruin John Skelton...


Look at this. It's so awesome. Houston won his one-on-one matchup and will get to Skelton or be held. One or the other. Berry took on the fullback which freed DJ who is running to the quarterback untouched. Let's repeat that for John Skelton: a 6'3", 242-pound linebacker that is fast as hell is running at you untouched. Not good. And then, on the other side, you have Tamba being Tamba, who doesn't win as clearly as Houston but is still causing problems.

The end result. Love how this play turned out because two players were in line for a crushing sack and more than likely Tamba would've beaten Levi Brown if given another second.

OK, you've made it this far. Now watch it in action:
Houston was credited with that sack. I think you could split it three or four ways.

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