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Grade The Kansas City Chiefs Against The Arizona Cardinals


For only the second time in 13 NFL preseason games, the Kansas City Chiefs got a win last night against the Arizona Cardinals. From the opening minutes, it was clear that the Brian Daboll led 2012 Chiefs were different. 9 minutes into the game, the Chiefs had scored two touchdowns.

It was that opening quarter, where the Chiefs scored 14 points, that got fans really going last night. It was so much fun to watch a crisp, well-executed offensive plan see fruition at Arrowhead Stadium. I was ready to give the Chiefs an Agrade right then and there.

But, after sleeping on it, I'm setting my excitement aside for objectivity's sake and giving the Chiefs a solid B+ for last night's showing against the Cards. There was really little wrong that I could see last night. Considering the objectives of NFL preseason games - evaluation mainly - it's hard for me to give any preseason performance an A.

Give us your quick grade in the comments and make sure you vote in the poll below.

You can review full statistics of the game here in case you need a refresher.

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