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Matt Cassel To Peyton Hillis: Inside The Touchdown Pass

Peyton Hillis | Chiefs vs. Cardinals
Peyton Hillis | Chiefs vs. Cardinals
The KC Chiefs first touchdown of the 2012 preseason came with just over eight minutes left in the first quarter. Facing a third and two, the Chiefs capitalized on an Arizona Cardinals blitz and scored an easy touchdown to take the first lead of the game.

Just how did Matt Cassel read that defense? What defense was it? Why was Peyton Hillis so wide open?

We'll let the Chiefs running back explain this one...


Cassel is in shotgun with two backs. "Looked like zero coverage," Hillis told us in the locker room after the game. That's Hillis there on Cassel's left. As you'll see in the next shot, the right outside linebacker will start to blitz, as will the right inside linebacker. The right cornerback will track Jon Baldwin on the outside.


"My guy came blitz," Hillis said. "Seemed like the defensive end didn't peel on me and I was wide open."

Baldwin, 6'4" and 228 pounds, is in front of him but Hillis didn't even need Baldwin. You already tell this is shaping up to be a successful play call.


By now, it's obvious. Baldwin has come back in to prepare to block. The outside linebacker is hooked at this point. By hooked, I mean totally screwed. And he knows it. The only possibility is that cornerback getting the right angle on Hillis but even if he did take a good angle there's a receiver 40 pounds on him there to block.


You can see the defense starting to look back at Hillis and realize what's happening as the ball is in the air. They know it's over. "It's nice Matt got the ball off and read it right," Hillis said.

"I knew as soon as he blitzed I was going to be open," Hilis said. "I was hoping Matt would throw me the ball. Easy touchdown. I'm not really taking credit for it -- I'm giving it to Matt because he had a good read on it."

Perfect read by Cassel, perfect play call and a perfect catch by Hillis. That was a really cool play where everything came together.

To finish this off and send Hillis to the end zone, we'll look to photographer Denny Medley...



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