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KMBC's Dwayne Bowe Report Not Looking Good

Yesterday, a still unknown cameraman for KMBC 9 News "broke" the story that Dwayne Bowe reached an agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs. We wrote about that yesterday, pointing out a number of inconsistencies and why I didn't think everything quite matched up.

Since then, a couple of national folks have refuted the report. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk cites a source saying it's "not true" and Jason La Canfora of said that any reports of Bowe on the verge of signing his franchise tender are "incorrect". ESPN's Chris Mortensen also questioned it.

The report has been tweaked a little bit since yesterday.

The copy no longer says Bowe "reached an agreement" with the team. It's "he will be ending his holdout" which, if you wanna play a game of semantics, means they can't be wrong. Because he will be ending his holdout...eventually.

Also missing from the story is the multiple sources. The initial report was sources, as in plural. Karen Kornacki's live report yesterday was "unnamed sources". The multiple sources angle is something I pointed out yesterday. I see now it's just "a source" on the website.

There's still no byline on the story, but Kornacki read the report live on the air last night so I guess it's hers. Or the cameraman. Whose name I still don't know.

Because this story was tracked via social media yesterday -- see the details here -- people will soon start crapping all over Twitter, saying this is the problem with social media.

But it's not. In fact, social media is the only part of this who got the story accurate. Dwayne Bowe was on a flight from Atlanta and did land in Kansas City. Those were facts. It was KMBC who took it a step further by reporting something as fact that, as of now, doesn't appear to be accurate.

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