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Greetings From Arrowhead Stadium

She's one good lookin' stadium.
She's one good lookin' stadium.

She gets better lookin' every time I get here. I'm talking about Arrowhead Stadium, of course.

I'm just settling into my seat up here in the press box for tonight KC Chiefs vs. Arizona Cardinals game. It's an hour before the game so there aren't many people in their seats yet. The sun is still out so it's a little hot but it's looking like we'll have some nice weather for the game.

I can see a number of Chiefs and Cardinals players on the field warming up but not much is going on yet. I must've gotten here too late to see Tamba go into his crazy pregame workout routine.

It's been eight months since I've been up here. Feels nice to be back.

Everyone ready for tonight? Chris will be along soon with the open thread.

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