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Somebody Is Reporting Dwayne Bowe Agrees With Chiefs

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I am so confused.

Apparently a KMBC 9 cameraman is breaking the news that Dwayne Bowe has reached an agreement with the Chiefs. I'm not sure who this is but...

That cameraman then posted a picture of Bowe leaving KCI Airport so it appears he was out there when Bowe landed. I was and still am cautious of the story because A.) I don't know who the cameraman is other than his Twitter handle and B.) this cameraman doesn't regularly break Chiefs news. They also cite "unnamed sources". As in more than one source. The Chiefs haven't confirmed it. So who are the multiple sources?

But then...the story has been filed on It's currently in their breaking news strip on the home page. So it seems more legit on the website, right? There's no name attached to the report, which again leaves me uncertain.

So...I don't know?