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One Week Countdown For Dwayne Bowe, Kansas City Chiefs

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We noted last week that the clock is ticking on Dwayne Bowe and the Kansas City Chiefs to complete a longterm contract agreement. Bowe has yet to sign his franchise tender that will pay him over $9 million next year. Instead, he's holding out hope that he can secure a longterm contract.

The deadline for the two sides to do so comes in one week -- July 16. If a longterm deal is not completed by that point then Bowe must play out the season under the one-year franchise tender. The two sides can still do a longterm deal after the season but the deadline to do something before the season comes next week.

I already told you last week that I really have no idea where they stand. The deadline could pass next week with no deal or the two sides could sign a five-year deal tomorrow and I wouldn't really be surprised because I don't know where they stand. That the negotiations haven't gone public is a good sign. That tells us that there's still the possibility that the two sides can agree to a deal.

The last we heard from Bowe, he confirmed that he would be at training camp. So even if the two sides don't strike a deal within a week, we're still expecting Bowe at training camp.

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