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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/7

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Good morning! We have a nice Saturday edition of Arrowheadlines for you. All of your Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet is waiting right here. Enjoy.

When it comes to football, Cheadle's family is anything but ordinary. He has three uncles who played college football in the Pac-10. One of them, John Tarver, went on to play four seasons with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

At Thanksgiving--and every other family gathering--Cheadle said the stories from football games gone by are shared and shared again.

"It's cool to hear what happened in some game years ago," Cheadle said of those football-centric get-togethers. "I guess you could say it's a family tradition."

Rookie Justin Cheadle Hails From Unique Football Family from The Mothership

The bottom line is that the Chiefs have a lot of great young talent coming into their prime years on both offense and defense and there are playmakers at every position. The team could do a lot of damage in 2012 and they're likely to warrant high spots in NFL Power Rankings come season's end. The only question is whether or not someone will acknowledge that before the season starts.

NFL Power Rankings: Do Kansas City Chiefs Belong In Top 10? from SBN KC Video: Chiefs Fantasy Outlook

Bowe's not as steady as all would like, but Bowe is the best receiver Kansas City has on the roster. Some think second-year receiver Jonathan Baldwin could be as good as or better than Bowe.

But that's an if on Baldwin. With expectations high in 2012, how many want to gamble on Baldwin?

Bowe's Case Is Rarely Black And White from The Examiner

Last year's matchup in San Diego, in just the third week of the season, was played in front of 62,00 people-8,000 shy of a capacity crowd. This year's edition is a Thursday night game, which can be attendance poison.

To head off embarrassment, yesterday the Chargers sent out an email blast to a number of Chiefs blogs, including Arrowhead Addict.

Chargers Now Actively Trying To Sell Tickets To Chiefs Fans from Deadspin

2008 Kansas City Chiefs (2-14)
This team couldn't get off the field in 2008 as it was the worst 3rd down team in the league (47.4%) and dead last in sacks (10.0). It finished 31st in total defense and the 440 points allowed and -149-point differential are a Chiefs single-season record.

The Worst 10 NFL Teams Since Expansion from Athlon Sports

There are different kinds of people in every town - some who don't necessarily involve themselves in local culture - but it seems like a good majority of the folks I've encountered in my 15-or-so visits to Kansas City have possessed a well-above-average knowledge base in the art of cooking meat. Having good ingredients is crucial - and the animals are indeed raised well around here - but it's the technique that makes BBQ sing.

And that technique isn't something that can be learned; you have to grow up doing it. In KC, it's a hobby.

Dispatches From Kansas City: "It's A Sea Of Tents And Smoke" from Hardball Talk

No deals for Wes Welker of the Patriots, Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs and restricted free agent Mike Wallace of the Steelers could eat up plenty of franchise dollars unless the Pats and Chiefs let Welker and Bowe go free. Jennings will be either franchised or re-signed. The Saints, who lost Robert Meachem this season, may have to say goodbye to Devery Henderson if they are forced to franchise Brees.

If teams don't handle their franchise tags properly, they'll run the risk of losing valuable core players.

Franchise Tag No Longer Quick Fix from ESPN

"Stadiums have gotten more expensive, because they have generally gotten bigger and more sophisticated," said Eric Grubman, the NFL's executive vice president of ventures and business operations. "A big part of that sophistication is in technology, and it's also in amenities. It's all more expensive. And the expectations of fans and others using the stadium -- sponsors, corporations -- are higher than what they were 25 years ago."

NFL Stadiums Go From Boom To Swoon In Span Of A Decade from

"I think the way the system is, or the way the system has been, you have to play your young players," Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said. "We have the salary cap, and with the rookie contracts, if you don't play a guy, then you end up losing a guy when he becomes a free agent. And then you just trained him for somebody else. So you might as well get some value for him while you've got him, and that's why I think a lot of the young guys have been put into the fire sooner."

What it has done is put a premium on figuring out if that young, talented college stud you're considering has what it takes, mentally and physically, to handle what the NFL throws at him while he is still young.

Young And (Better Be) Ready In The NFL from ESPN