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Darren McFadden Above Jamaal Charles In AFC West Ranking

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ESPN's Bill Williamson took a stab at ranking the top 40 players in the AFC West with Peyton Manning sitting atop everyone at the No. 1 spot. Because this is a list, there will be plenty of disagreements.

One such disagreement is Darren McFadden's ranking as it relates to Jamaal Charles. The Oakland Raiders running back is the fifth ranked player in the division, according to Williamson, while the Kansas City Chiefs running back is seventh.

That's questionable, in my mind. McFadden has had trouble staying healthy throughout his career and Charles had one ACL tear, which is a huge injury, obviously. But when they're on the field, Charles does more with each carry. That's not to say McFadden's not good or anything. He's averaged over five yards per carry in each of the last two seasons. Maybe my homerism is shining through but I'd take Charles over McFadden.

Perhaps even more of a question mark is ranking San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates above Charles. Gates came in at No. 6 which is too high for him. He's been hurt quite a bit in the last two years and injuries usually don't get better with age. Gates has had some productive years -- he has 17 touchdowns in the last two seasons -- but he's a declining player.

Take a look at the list and see what Williamson got right and what he got wrong.

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