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Chiefs Triple Threat Could Include Tony Moeaki Or Jonathan Baldwin

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Pat Kirwan of recently ranked the triplets around the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs couldn't crack the top 10, instead coming in the "Honorable Mention" category. The Chiefs triplets, Kirwan says, are Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki. You could make an argument that Jonathan Baldwin could emerge as that third option as well.

Here's what Kirwan says about having three players who can create matchup problems:

Teams with one or two "matchup" players can be contained, keeping scoring down. When an offense adds that third threat, defenses must roll coverage to an elite wide receiver, have a linebacker carry the tight end to the safety and bracket a running back with two underneath players. It's just not doable because it requires six defenders players to handle three offensive players. That leaves only five defenders for the other eight offensive players.

Bowe and Charles are pretty much known commodities at this point. We're fairly certain they'll be a threat to most offenses next year. The third option is a little less clear. As I noted, you could make an argument for Baldwin or Moeaki as that third guy.

If you had to pick one guy to have a breakout year, would it be Baldwin or Moeaki?