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Chiefs' Dontari Poe Is One Of 14 Unsigned First Round Picks

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Earlier today, Matt Conner of SB Nation Kansas City looked at what could be the hold-up for the Kansas City Chiefs getting their 2012 first round pick signed. Dontari Poe hasn't signed his deal yet but because of the new rules governing rookie contracts nobody seems too worried about it.

Since May 17, the Chiefs have had seven of their eight draft picks signed.

Poe is the only unsigned Chiefs draft pick, which matches up with what other teams around the league have done. Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal provided an update on the unsigned draft picks remaining:

So Poe is one of 14 first round picks who have yet to sign. The Chiefs aren't alone in this. The 10th (Stephon Gilmore, Buffalo Bills) and 12th (Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles) picks in the draft have both signed so Poe should be coming along soon.

When exactly will that be, though? Until the start of training camp later this month, there doesn't seem to be any pressing reason for Poe to sign, so I'm putting my guess sometime in the week leading up to the Friday, July 27 training camp start date.

It's also odd to note that there are 13 unsigned third round picks compared to just three unsigned second round picks. Hopefully someone smarter than I can explain that one.