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Kansas City Chiefs Safeties Rank Well

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Last week we saw some cornerback rankings from SB Nation which placed the Kansas City Chiefs 7th. A fair ranking but enough room for argument.

Today, SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber ranked each team's best safeties. Coming in 5th was your Kansas City Chiefs.

A healthy season from Eric Berry should bump the Chiefs up the list; few players were as missed by their team. Kendrick Lewis is an up-and-comer too.

A lot of this is based on potential in 2012 considering Berry missed nearly all of the 2011 season. It also shows just how fortunate the Chiefs were to find Lewis in the 5th round a few years ago. He may not be a Pro Bowl caliber player but he's certainly someone you wouldn't think you'd find that late in the draft. Imagine if the Chiefs didn't have him and entered the 2012 offseason with a big hole to fill.

The problem with the Chiefs in recent years has been depth and at safety Abe Elam was signed to provide that. He should have a spot on the field throughout the season but if Lewis and/or Berry get hurt, his role becomes a lot more important.