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Improving The Game Day Experience

As many of you know, one of the challenges facing the NFL right now is getting fans away from their TV sets and into the actual stadium for the games. The league is in an interesting position because they've done such a great job of maximizing the TV experience that they're now faced with the dilemma of fans choosing to stay at home as opposed to buying a ticket and heading to the stadium.

The Wall Street Journal published a story earlier this week talking about some of the changes the NFL is introducing to make the game day experience even better. This one caught my eye:

The league also is planning to introduce wireless Internet in every stadium and to create smartphone apps that could let fans listen to players wearing microphones on the field.

WiFi is sweet, we know that. But what I'm talking about is the app that could let you listen to players on the field. Now that would be an incentive to get to the stadium. Something unique that you can't get anywhere else.

I agree that watching the game at home is a lot more comfortable (and cheaper) than going to the game itself. That said, when the Chiefs are good, it's extremely hard to beat a Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, 70 inch TV or not.

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