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Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp 2012 Day 5 Open Thread

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The fifth day of the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs training camp continues this evening, with practice kicking off at 7:15 p.m. Arrowhead time.

Your big news for the day is the Chiefs signing OT Ray Ellis Willis, whose roster spot was freed up after another offensive lineman Tony Ugo retired. Willis was a 2005 fourth round pick by the Seattle Seahawks.

KC Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel addressed a lot of the news earlier today, which includes updates on a number of injured players. Catch up on all things Chiefs training camp 2012 here.

Please continue doing a great job of embedding tweets in the comments (Tarkus has you covered on how to embed a tweet). These open threads have been a great resource for those of us unable to make camp. Joel will be in attendance this evening, so I've embedded the @ArrowheadPride twitter feed after the jump.

This is your open thread for the evening. Let us know if you're at Chiefs training camp tonight.

Joel will be back later with more updates on today's practice. Stay tuned.