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The Other AP Ranks Chiefs 18th In The NFL

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We have some power rankings from the other AP which is in fact not Arrowhead Pride. Believe it or not, the Associated Press is actually the more famous AP. I know. I didn't believe it either.

With a 12-member panel, the Kansas City Chiefs come in 18th -- just behind the New York Jets and just ahead of the Buffalo Bills.

This is only slightly higher than where we've seen them ranked in a lot of other places, usually the low 20s.

There's a list of all the comments from the voters and there are two clear themes with all the comments: 1.) the healthy guys returning is a major reason they may win the division and 2.) Matt Cassel needs a big season.

Check out all the comments form the sports writers. Those are your two clear story lines. Even Chiefs GM Scott Pioil acknowledged in a radio interview earlier this week that Cassel was becoming a "polarizing" figure in the city.

Here's what really surprises me about all this. Rich Gannon, now with CBS and SiriusXM NFL Radio, ranked the Chiefs 6th in the NFL in his vote. (!!!) He also predicts Cassel will play well as part of his reasoning. Rich Gannon...bigger Chiefs fan than any of us?

[Update: So it looks like they made a mistake. This AP story says Gannon puts the Chiefs at 6. This AP story has Gannon putting the Chiefs at 16. So, yeah, looks like Gannon is just an average Chiefs fan, not the biggest one ever.]